What is Campus Engaged Learning?

In addition to a minimum of seven faculty-evaluated courses, students in Division I must carry out one or more Campus Engaged Learning (CEL-1) activity totaling a minimum of 40 hours, approximately equal to course contact hours. The appropriate activity will be determined in consultation with the tutorial advisor and activity sponsor. The student will document the fulfillment of the campus engaged learning and include a reflection on it in the Division I retrospective essay.

At Hampshire College, the projects we undertake outside of the classroom matter. Faculty, staff and students are expected to know how to work collaboratively toward the achievement of shared goals, and to contribute to our community in unexpected, imaginative ways. The Campus Engaged Learning (CEL-1) activity enables first-year students to experience this essential part of Hampshire's ethos very early on, integrating them into campus life and fostering provocative connections between students' curricular coursework and their participation in active community-building in other campus settings. Students can choose activities that draw upon their interests and talents and/or allow them to experiment in new ways. While the campus engaged learning requirement principally challenges students to become engaged, creative citizens of Hampshire's campus community, it also requires that they reflect critically on that engagement, documenting their campus engaged learning work along the way, and writing thoughtfully about their experience.

Anyone may browse the activities and staff, faculty and Division II and III students may submit new activities to engage Division I students.

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